A Love of Cloth Diapers

GUEST POST: By Sarah Sawatzki, Mom & Owner of Annabelle's  Basket I first heard about cloth diapers from my cousin when I was six months pregnant.  She was visiting and had a 4-month old whom she cloth diapered.  After learning a few of the basics from my cousin, and realizing that she didn’t … [Read more...]

Hooray for Lactation Consultants & Breastfeeding Friendly Hospital!

Me & Ellie at Evergreen Hospital

Update: 9/1/2011 E & I are about to hit our 19-month milestone of breastfeeding! :) Also today my birth story was posted on Birth Stories On Demand. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- After my … [Read more...]

Don’t Call Him a “Titty Baby”! #breastfeeding

. GUEST POST: By Lara Audelo, Mom, Founder, MamaPear Designs & Certified Lacation Education Counselor (CLEC) www.mamapeardesigns.com I support all breastfeeding moms, and I work to help them achieve their own personal breastfeeding goals, whatever they may be.  I breastfed my oldest son … [Read more...]

Suicide Awareness can be a Deterrent

. I'm sorry if I'm repeating myself here, but I started this blog in honor of my friend who committed suicide on Christmas. As a person with quite a bit of experience with mental illness myself, I'm quite certain she had mental health issues that were never properly diagnosed or treated. It … [Read more...]

Postpartum Depression: A Daddy Problem Too


. GUEST POST: From ActiveWoMOM; Inspire. Motivate. Live. Lucky for MOMs, the talk and support provided has increased significantly for women in the unlovely realm of postpartum depression. Unfortunately, postpartum depression can effect the male population as well, and so far it isn’t touched … [Read more...]

The Mom Switch: Mom to “Sex Cat”

The Gift that Keeps on Giving!

GUEST POST: By Marissa Turner, Mom & Host of Louisiana's "The Outdoor Kitchen Show" Hi, my name is Marissa and I'm a mom and a wife. Notice that "wife" came second -- somehow, for most of us, it always does. So, along with all the wonderful submissions about being a mother on this site, let … [Read more...]

Being Mom AND Wife isn’t always easy

Me & John xoxo

                Anyway, John and I divide and conquer when it comes to the nighttime routine, and we get very little time in the same bed, much less alone in said bed. So, needless to say, the wifely "duty" has not recently been … [Read more...]

Preemie Mom Postpartum Depression

preemie thing

. GUEST POST: By Julie Spencer Howard, Preemie Mom & Owner, It's a Preemie Thing I've had a few friends develop PPD this past year after having their child and saw first hand how hard it was for them. They obviously didn't see it coming, nor could they turn off a switch to make it stop. … [Read more...]

Ellie’s a Termie but She Still Looks Cute in IAPT Clothes!

Ellie wearing an It's a Preemie Thing Onsie for the Holidays

[Read more...]

A Love Story

Cristi & John

. Its Valentine's Day? Oh yeah. :) John and I have never been big on Valentine's Day. We might give each other a card or something. But in general we see it mostly as a commercial holiday. We make a point to be loving to each other and say loving things on a daily basis. I'd much rather … [Read more...]

Liz’s story of infertility, loss & love

The Nyholm Family

. GUEST POST: By Liz Nyholm, Mom & Artist www.LizPaints4.Etsy.com My name is Liz and I am 37 years young. :)  I am happily married to my husband, Pete, for over 5 years and we are proud parents to a very energetic 15-month-old son, Jacob. I'm a SAHM. We also have a lively … [Read more...]

My story of infertility & joy

The Comes Family

. I remember like it was yesterday... John and I decided to start TTC in January of 2006, planning for the baby to be born in a certain window later that year. We were trying to avoid the completion of one of John's games. It seems SO silly looking back that we actually stressed out so much … [Read more...]

C-sections…The other skeleton in the closet

Kat & Nate

. GUEST POST: By Kat Stremlau, Mom & Owner of Tot Spot Cafe, Woodinville, WA Careful, you may be talking about the mom next to you! I’ve seen it firsthand. The discreetly dropped shoulders, the slightly downcast eyes…this is the look of a woman who’s had a C-section, surrounded by those … [Read more...]

A Teen Daughter’s Perspective on Medication, Mental Illness & Suicide

  . GUEST POST: By Brelin LeAnn Davis, 15 years old, daughter, actress, writer and motivational speaker in North Alabama and Seattle. As an active advocate in spreading education and awareness on mental health issues, Brelin splits her time between Alabama and Washington. Brelin shares … [Read more...]

My Inheritance #suicide

Tracie & Brelin

. GUEST POST: By Tracie Mason Holton, Founder of Purposeful Practices ~THW~ My husband Brett and I never planned to have children. For me, the reasons were threefold and depending on the day they could be in any order of importance. #1 Parenting is an enormous responsibility and isn’t a … [Read more...]