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The Day We Lost Faith

GUEST POST: By Katie Tamblingson of Kady Did Blog This is hardest post to write so far, and probably one of the hardest of my life. I was debating about writing it at all. I tend to be a more private person, and come from a private family. Isaiah and I were talking one day, and he said I should. He thought it would help give me closure. Another blogger I was reading wrote about going through the … [Read more...]

Sharing Stories of Suicide

Opening up about suicide is such a difficult thing to do. I have a friend, who many years ago, lost a teenage family member to suicide. For the family, I'm sure the years have felt like an eternity of grieving, and just seconds since they last thought about the pain. I recently asked this friend to write a story about the experience for my blog, knowing how difficult it would be to write, … [Read more...]

How Stress and Sleep Conspire to Make You Fat

. Mamas...This is so interesting and further proof that many factors contribute to depression and can help reverse it. Stress Reduction, Diet, Exercise, Weight Management, Good Sleep, etc. There are so many things we can do to help overcome PPD and chronic depression, but its SO hard to get there when you're in the depths of it, or even just having a bad day. What areas are you focusing on to … [Read more...]

The Writing on the Wall: Generalized Anxiety in Children and Teens

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.  GUEST POST: From One Crafty Mother, By Ellie, Mom & Jewelry Designer Last week Greta had a sore throat that wasn't going away, so we went to the doctor to get a strep test. We've been at the doctor a lot this winter - recurring sore throats that are sometimes strep, sometimes not.   We have spent a lot of time sitting in the exam room, waiting for the results of the strep … [Read more...]

When should we share our “scars” with our children?

. I was recently reading a post on a fascinating blog I discovered via Twitter called Raising My Boychick. The topic was How to Explain Self Injury Scars to your Child if and when the child started asking questions. This intrigued me for many reasons, but most notably because I think most of us carry scars (whether visible or internal) and these issues are things that our own children may … [Read more...]

Depression & PPD Resource from the CDC

. I ran across the information below from a resource page on the CDC website for Depression & PPD of Women of reproductive age. I think the descriptions of Depression & PPD are very clear and concise so I wanted to share the page with you. This is excellent information to share with new moms or anyone you feel has recently changed their behavior and seems to have the symptoms listed … [Read more...]

A Time Machine to give Parenting Advice to your “Pre-Kid” Self.

I posted this on the blog Facebook page and thought it was an interesting topic. So here's my question: If you could go back in time and speak to your past self prior to having children, what parenting advice would you give yourself. Remember, you're talking to yourself and will most likely listen, so make sure its good. ;) Here's mine: 1. Follow your instincts, not a book or doctor or other … [Read more...]

“That I Would Be Good” – Alanis Morissette

A little video for you this lovely Friday. Here's a song that has a lot of meaning for me, especially when I'm feeling depressed, anxious, frustrated with my kids or just not happy with myself. Listen to the words..."That I Would Be Good" is a beautifully written song by Alanis Morissette. "That I would be loved, even when I numb myself. That I would be good, even when I am overwhelmed. That I … [Read more...]

If not for our Doula, our first birth story may have included pitocin & an epidural.

GUEST POST: From EdenFeed. By: Gretchen Covine, Mom of 3, co-owner of HUCO Marketing (Please note that this blog is simply the sharing of the birth of my first son.  It is in no way, shape or form to be taken as medical advice. Some of this story does, in fact, go against Doctors’ advice.) You know how when you are pregnant you get a lot of advice from well intentioned family, friends, and even … [Read more...]

An Empty Tank. Jean’s Struggle with #Breastfeeding


GUEST POST: By Jean Watts, Mom When a woman embarks on the adventure of pregnancy she never thinks about the struggles she may face.  I was that woman, I had visions of a natural childbirth and a baby that would latch on and start nursing within moments of birth.  I had plans to breastfeed my baby for at least a year, because that is what the women in my family all did.  Unfortunately, that … [Read more...]

Women Grieve Miscarriage for Years, Even After Having a Healthy Baby

Last night I stumbled across this great article from Time.com about miscarriages, grief and long term depression/postpartum depression. I thought the information would be perfect for you ladies because as you know, I'm all about communication when it comes to such taboo issues. The last line says so much "‎it's so common but people don't know what to say." I want to change that. Please check out … [Read more...]

Open Adoption is a Living Miracle

Newborn Leo

GUEST POST: By Megan Wright, Mom of 2 Boys 2007 was a horrible, terrible, no good year.  Well, except for the fact that my handsome son was born and I didn’t die.  That pretty much sums up the year.  After a pregnancy plagued by a rare neurological disorder brought on by high levels of progesterone, we were sternly warned to never attempt another pregnancy.  They needn’t have said a single thing … [Read more...]

How Malachi Found a “Safe Haven” in our Hearts

GUEST POST: From It's A Preemie Thing Blog. Written by Summer: Mother to Malachi It all started when this guy met this girl….wait, no it started before that! I (Summer) was going to nursing school and got some news, little did I know then, that was going to change my life in many ways. I had severe pain and got diagnosed with endometriosis, had surgery two days later and was told that I may … [Read more...]

Want to Eat Well for Less $$?


GUEST POST: From EdenFeed. By: Gretchen Covine, Mom & Founder HUCO Marketing   The Veggie Run Makes it Easy to Bring Home a Bounty. In this photo I spent $37.59 and filled my entire kitchen table with fresh veggies, fruits, herbs, plants, orange juice and even a strawberry shake.  This was an expensive run.  This photo you see and this price tag was a veggie run in January and the cold … [Read more...]

A Love of Cloth Diapers

GUEST POST: By Sarah Sawatzki, Mom & Owner of Annabelle's  Basket I first heard about cloth diapers from my cousin when I was six months pregnant.  She was visiting and had a 4-month old whom she cloth diapered.  After learning a few of the basics from my cousin, and realizing that she didn’t mean Gerber prefolds and plastic pants, I decided to research cloth diapering for my family. My … [Read more...]