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High Quality Photo Gift Ideas {Mounted Photo Puzzle with DIY Cork Frame}

All opinions are my own. My kids have always been big puzzle fans. It's one of those activities we love doing together as a family. In fact, I have nice memories of my own parents with a giant puzzle sitting out on the dining room table ready for one of us to discover the next piece or two. John says doing a puzzle relaxes his mind when … [Read more...]

Creative Kids Gift Idea for Emerging Readers: Text Cool

Ellie started full day Kindergarten this year and is getting so excited about reading. A couple of her friends are actually reading chapter books, and with her brother in 2nd grade and advancing his reading skills, she's pretty motivated. It's really cute and encouraging to see. She's always drawing at home, and writing her "snap words" among the … [Read more...]

The Ultimate Inside Out Fan Gift Guide

Disclosure: This Ultimate Inside Out Fan Gift Guide with items ranging from $0 to $40 for all ages includes affiliate links that help support this blog, so thank you! No compensation was received for this post. Inside Out is a film that has made a big impact on our family in 2015. In fact just last week, Ellie told me she thinks … [Read more...]

Fundraising Tips that Work

We all have causes that are important to us.  For a long time mine has been mental health and suicide prevention. I've done quite a bit of fundraising for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention the past four or so years, and using my experiences personally raising over $8,000 for the cause, I've formulated my top 10 tips … [Read more...]

Soul Sessions, A Novel {Review}

I recently read the novel Soul Sessions by Carson Gage. I picked it up for Amazon Kindle and just dove in.  Reading has become a huge part of my "me time" after the kids go to sleep at night. Oh how I love relaxing in bed with a good book, one that offers an interesting distraction from my every day. So, I was pleased to find Soul … [Read more...]

SoFabU On the Road {Comes to Seattle, other US Cities}

Growth. Opportunity. Community. When asked yesterday during the #Lucky2beSoFab St. Patty's Day Twitter Party, those were the three words I used to describe Social Fabric, the blogger network by Collective Bias. I've been a member of "SoFab" for about a year and a half, and it's been such a blessing in my blogging career. I pretty quickly saw … [Read more...]

Style Report: Colors for Fall. Monroe and Main Boots Review

Disclosure: This is a Fashionista Event Opportunity, and is hosted by Still Blonde after all these YEARS and Modly Chic. Review and Giveaway courtesy of Monroe and Main. All opinions as always are my own. Fall is my favorite time of year, seriously. It's when I got married and became a mom, and its the season of my birthday … [Read more...]

Avoid the Media and Reach Out

There is so much sadness all over the internet today--as well as ignorance about mental illness and suicide--for me and for many who have either lost loved ones or who struggle themselves, it's really hard to read. The loss of a beloved public figure like Robin Williams is heartbreaking. We all feel as though we knew him. He spoke publicly about … [Read more...]

Kids of Summer Love Music

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by WestMusic and their Kids of Summer Video Contest. My kids love music and dancing. From bitty babies they loved playing, singing and dancing to their their bongo drums, shakers and other little instruments. Ellie had so much fun in her music class as a baby and to this day she says she wants to be a singer. … [Read more...]

Donate a Photo to Help Give a Baby in the NICU a Blanket

Disclosure: This post was compensated as part of a social media campaign by Acorn Influence.  Throwback Thursday: The Comes Family Circa 2010 A few good friends of mine is a preemie moms, so when I heard about a simple way to help babies in the NICU, I was definitely on board.  Johnson & Johnson Donate a Photo App is a quick and easy way … [Read more...]

How to Text the Technophobe Dad: Lowest Price Unlimited Plan

How do you text a thrifty technophobe Dad who doesn't own a phone? Get him one for Father's Day of course...and be sure to make it the lowest price unlimited plan with talk, text and web/data. With Father's Day on its way, the kids, John and I took a little family shopping expedition to Walmart last weekend to pick up a gift for my … [Read more...]

Mobile Apps To Help Reduce Stress and Anxiety

"I love living in the future." ~ John Comes, the husband Its one of his favorite sayings, he's such a tech guy. I  love living in the future too truly, but its also pretty stressful. Even for those not pre-disposed to an anxiety disorder, life "in the future" can easily become overwhelming. Our bodies didn't actually evolve (yet) to … [Read more...]

Easy Home Management with Homezada

This is a Fashionista Event and a promotional item was provided to me by HomeZada. Hosts for this event are Still Blonde after all these Years and ModlyChic. Opinions as always are my own.   Owning a home is a TON of work, am I right? In 2005, when we moved into our current home it was the first time John or I had … [Read more...]

SoFabCon: Worth a Cancelled Flight & Lost Luggage

Sitting at the Dallas airport Friday's with my pal Kerri @_themaven, we toasted our SoFabCon adventure about to begin. I was fortunate enough to win the trip from the conference because of this post and was so excited for the adventure. Fifteen minutes later and the American Airlines mobile site said our flight was cancelled. A large airplane to … [Read more...]

New Toy Rush Game FREE in the iOs App Store

My husband John is a video game developer and he's been living in a land of toys for the past couple of years. Today is the culmination of all of his incredibly hard work and passion. TOY RUSH is now available via the iOs App Store for iPad and iPhone worldwide! If you need a ringing endorsement, here's a tweet from the App Store just minutes … [Read more...]

Shop Amazon via Twitter #AmazonCart

I am a member of the Collective Bias® Social Fabric® Community. This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper amplification for Collective Bias. I just used Twitter to buy super cool wine glasses on Amazon. OK, wait ... Did that sentence even make sense? How could I use Twitter to buy something on Amazon? The answer is, last … [Read more...]

Tips to Make the Most of a Conference When You Have Social Anxiety

I have social anxiety, and too much stress–even good stress–makes me shut down. Have you ever felt that way? Over the last few years as I’ve attended blogging conferences, I’ve learned a few things about how to better manage my mental health and boost my confidence, and honestly to also maximize what I’m getting out of an event personally and … [Read more...]

This Chic Wallet Charges an iPhone {Pre-order Pricing till May 6}

So yeah, I'm an admitted Everpurse groupie. Since they're Kickstarter in 2012 (which John backed as a birthday gift to me!) I've been talking about my love of the original Everpurse clutch that charges your smartphone. I respect them as a small family-owned Chicago-based company that cares about bringing fashion and tech together to create … [Read more...]

Nominate a Mama Bear! {Helzberg #BearHug}

Do you have a fierce Mama Bear in your life?   It could be your own mother or grandmother, a friend, a colleague; a mom you admire because its clear she goes above and beyond to support, comfort and love the "kids" in her life. My friends at Helzberg Diamonds (they are the awesome folks who sent me a beautiful pair of diamond earrings … [Read more...]

Goodbye Winter…Hello Spring Style

It has been one hellish winter in many parts of North America...in fact I just saw some surprise Spring snow in parts of the US this week. Ugh. Thankfully here in the typically grey and rainy Pacific Northwest, we have actually started to have real spring weather. Like. REAL. SPRING! It was in the 70's this weekend at the Easter Egg hunt we … [Read more...]

Mobile Device Hijack! Help from Norton by Symantec

. Disclosure: This sponsored Fashionista Event and a promotional item was provided to me by Coupons.com. Hosts for this event are Still Blonde after all these Years and ModlyChic. All opinions are my own. Last year while on vacation in Florida, I forgot my iPhone in the mall bathroom. When I finally realized and returned less than 5 minutes later … [Read more...]