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On the Move: 14 Tips for Healing from Sexual Trauma

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. Licensed Professional Counselor Kathy Morelli and I are over at Postpartum Progress today talking about past sexual trauma and how it can affect the stages of motherhood (pregnancy, birth & postpartum). She offers great advice on ways to help.  I myself have experienced a date rape, and while that one time event is not ongoing sex abuse, it certainly impacted my sexuality and phases of … [Read more...]

Mental Health after Infant Loss & Miscarriage

infant loss

. TRIGGER WARNING: Infant Loss & Miscarriage. GUEST POST By: Colleen, a wife, mom, homeschooler, missionary and writer. She currently serves alongside her husband and five sons as a founder of the non-profit St. Bryce Missions and is part of the ground team in Tayutic, Costa Rica. She wears a lot of hats in her daily life, but the most important thing to her is to love well, walk humbly … [Read more...]

PPMD Screening: A Matter of Life Or Death

PPD Screening

. GUEST POST By: A'Driane, mama of three, wife to a nerdy futurist, and a color addict who gets a rush from putting paint to canvas. A PPD & PPA survivor, she now strives to find the beauty in living despite the chaos of Bipolar Disorder Type II & OCD. An ardent believer in the power of transparency and vulnerability, she owns her story by writing (and dancing) it all out on her blog, … [Read more...]

Bare Feet on the Dashboard

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. Earlier this year I joined the blogging community Social Fabric. I love it. Its a network of all types of bloggers who offer support, brainstorming, education, and opportunities for work-at-home bloggers like me to earn money and contribute to their families' financial welfare. The campaign managers and clients treat us as the professionals we are, and I really appreciate that. Each year … [Read more...]

Mother’s Day Rally for Moms’ Mental Health


I am so honored to be a part of this event on Mother's Day and during Maternal Mental Health Month! Sunday, May 12th is the 5th annual Mother's Day Rally for Moms' Mental Health, featuring 24 letters from survivors of PPD, postpartum anxiety, postpartum OCD, depression after weaning and/or postpartum psychosis. Their purpose is to inform and encourage pregnant and new moms who may be struggling … [Read more...]

A Message of Hope for PPD Mamas


Finding HOPE in the midst of postpartum depression can be so very trying . I know, I've been there. I understand the isolation, the guilt, the desire to run away. Right now--today--are you struggling? Do you feel like no one will ever understand? Do you feel like a terrible mother? Do you feel like all the moms around you handle motherhood so much better than you? I promise you, you're not … [Read more...]

“Baby-Friendly” Hospital Action Alert


What an interesting week its already been! On Monday Lee Jeans posted my Mom Body Image Roller Coaster post on their Facebook page including this graphic of little ole me. ----------------->     Then today MomsRising.org emailed an "Action Alert" to all of its members including the story of my breastfeeding struggle with my first child Ronin and success with my second … [Read more...]

The Mom Body Image Roller Coaster


The Mom Body Image Roller Coaster. I've struggled with depression for many years. And with it my weight. And of course pregnancy and motherhood brings on a whole new level of mental and physical challenges. Back in 2005 when my husband and I were trying to conceive our first child (for a year) my sadness crept in and my weight crept up. We finally sought fertility treatments and thanks to IUI, I … [Read more...]

On Their Own Timeline: World Prematurity Day

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GUEST POST By: Julie Howard, Preemie Mom @apreemiething It's a Preemie Thing You never go into a pregnancy thinking you may have a preemie unless 1.You already had one or 2. You were a preemie.  I had neither of those things, so my first pregnancy I expected to be a happy pregnant lady who bought all the cool stuff for her child.  Then I woke up and realized that was someone else’s dream. My … [Read more...]

Preemie Parent Postpartum

Handsome Spencer! Photo by Keri Myers Photography

November is Prematurity Awareness Month. I'm not a preemie mom. But after the birth of Ellie in February 2010 I had postpartum depression and anxiety, and during that time started my jewelry business to try and help distract myself, and give myself a creative outlet and some me time. During that period, through a series of events related to that business I met Julie. Julie is an incredible mom … [Read more...]

A New Arrival


In June, Katy guest posted here on Motherhood Unadorned "On Being Pregnant, Again" , sharing her emotional struggle with an unplanned pregnancy. Please read her story here, which is so heartfelt in its honesty. I'm happy to tell you that her 3rd daughter Asher Eleanor was born this week, and Katy wanted to share her daughter's birth story with you. Congratulations Katy and the whole Afruma … [Read more...]

Strong Start Day for Postpartum Moms


Today October 5th is my son Ronin's 4th Birthday! Today October 5th is my brother Ron's 35th Birthday! Today October 5th is the day when more children are born each year than any other day. Wow! Who knew!? When Ronin was born, I had already been suffering from prenatal and perinatal depression. I was treated. I knew that I was at great risk for postpartum depression due to my past … [Read more...]

My Baby’s Turning 4!


So I neglected to mention in yesterday's post that this week is Mental Illness Awareness Week. The blog has been oh-so-full-of-the-happy lately, hasn't it? Well I'm changing that today because tomorrow Wednesday October 5th my first born, my baby boy Ronin, turns 4! Wow. Crazy how time flies. Ronin is a beautiful soul. Smart. Affectionate. A surprisingly attentive big brother. Shy. A wonderful … [Read more...]

After The World Stopped Turning

Zoie and her boys

I am blessed to have Zoie on the blog today. This is post she wrote (first anonymously) about her own experience being suicidal after the birth of her stillborn daughter. Today she is ready to share her journey publicly here on Motherhood Unadorned in honor of Suicide Prevention Week. I am very thankful she is still here today to do so.  Trigger Warning: For stillbirth and suicide … [Read more...]

Band Back Together: Our Beginnings

I'M WITH THE BAND. Not familiar with THE BAND? Well in June, I was fortunate enough to have one of my posts published on the fabulous group blog Band Back Together. If you've never checked it out, please do so. This is a blog for survivors, all survivors. Anyone can share their stories and give each other support. I'm so honored to have Aunt Becky, co-founder of Band Back Together as today's … [Read more...]