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Guardians of the Galaxy Movie Night {Rocket Raccoon Veggie Tray, Baby Groot Cupcakes}

I absolutely fell in love with Guardians of the Galaxy when we saw it in the theater over the summer. Seriously LOVE. One of my favorite films of the year for it's hysterical humor and fun action. When it was scheduled to come out via digital download, I purchased and watched it the very first day. We've watched the thing … [Read more...]

How to Dip Dye Hair with Kool-Aid Beverage

My big Overnight Walk for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention is next weekend, and in honor of this big event, I'm dyeing my hair blue with Kool-Aid drink. Remember back in 2011 when I dyed my hair blue after raising funds for suicide prevention? It was a big statement, and helped me raised over $1,500 for my first big suicide … [Read more...]

4th Birthday Manicures & Sushi …Seriously.

. Ellie's idea, I swear. She's got sophisticated tastes, that one. So I got to planning her 4th Birthday Party just the way she wanted it. Invites! I electronically created the party invite above using a few of my favorite iPhone apps. First in Polyvore, I tracked down some background images (like the black and pinks frames you see above) and … [Read more...]

Disney’s FROZEN Kids Activities

Who's excited to see Disney's newest animated feature film Frozen? We LOVE great animated movies in our house so we were all very excited to get to see Frozen a week early at a special sneak preview in Seattle.  I am going to start by saying that I give this movie 2 thumbs up and then some before I even start to tell you about it. I … [Read more...]

Mother Freakin’ Funny: Inspired by NickMom

. The other night around midnight I was attempting to sleep ... I say attempting because  at the time there was a foot in my face ... and no, that's not a sexual reference. So anyway, a small person--Ellie--was scared, or whatever wakes her up eleventy-billion times a night, and she just HAD to come into our bed. I don't know about you, but … [Read more...]

High-Quality Art Kits for Kids {Review}

A couple of weeks ago, a local Seattle-based company Eye Can Art found me on Twitter. They's are an art supply and education company that sells art kids for all ages. They sent me a Layered Wax Drawing Kit to review and I also get to give one away! It arrived last week and the kids wanted to work on it immediately. But I told them we'd wait … [Read more...]

Inspired by Halloween

. I absolutely LOVE Halloween. Its by far my favorite holiday. I've always been the chick at the office or the mom at the school Halloween party dressed in full-on costume. I actually really enjoy dressing up for anything, from costume parties to formal events. The chance to be something other than myself is fun. I tend to obsess over my … [Read more...]

Disney Planes in Theaters Friday! {Review}

Who's excited to see Disney Planes?! It flies into theaters tomorrow! Friday, August 9th. On Monday night the kids and I had the chance to see an advanced screening of Planes in 3D. The 92-minute film is a spin-off of the Cars/Cars 2 worlds. We are huge Cars movie fans, so were thrilled to get to see this movie before its in theaters. In fact, … [Read more...]

Family Fun: Monsters U Review & Activity

This weekend we took the kids to see Monsters University. We love Pixar movies, and try to take the kids to the theater when we can. Ronin and Ellie weren't around when Monsters Inc. was in the theaters the first time around--but they love watching it at home--so when it came back at the end of last year, we went with a big group. They just love … [Read more...]

Family Travel: What to Do. What Not to Do.

We just got back this week from a cross-country trip to Florida with the 3 and 5-year-0lds to visit my parents. I grew up there so it was a whirlwind trip of seeing family and friends in a 4-hour-radius of Central Florida. As with any trip I learned a lot. Before going I shared these tips and rookie mistakes in fact, but I've got more to share … [Read more...]

Giving Back Because I’m Thankful #StarlightFoundation

No matter how stressful things have been for us this year ... with a major flood in our home and several financial woes, I am SO thankful for our many blessings. It can be so easy to get bogged down in the negative. To feel like the universe is against us. But the true gift is looking past the bad and seeing the beauty. I have a kind and very … [Read more...]

Halloween IS My Favorite Holiday.

So I won't  be posting Friday/tomorrow or this weekend because the plan is to transition the blog to my new URL http://www.MotherhoodUnadorned.com instead of forwarding from ellieadorn.com, and installing the new design and functionality by April Showers Blog Design. So two posts for Thursday. This one is totally a bonus. Yay! I love October. … [Read more...]

A Fairy Tale Told in Asteriks

GUEST POST By: Pauline M. Campos, Aspiring Mama** Once upon a time: *I had a baby *Gained 45 pounds *On top of the 15 pounds I was so close to losing before I got pregnant *Which is technically on top of the 35 I gained after college when my thyroid dumped me *And blindly believed I would work it off after baby *I may have peed off about 15 … [Read more...]

My depression helps save the planet ;)

Earth Day is tomorrow. So its good to know that my procrastinating, depressive & anxious mama self can also do things that are good for the environment. Here's a quick list. Do you have any? ;) 1. I procrastinate on laundry, do it less often, and load more into each wash in our energy/water efficient machines.  Saves on energy & water … [Read more...]

The Mom Switch: Mom to “Sex Cat”

GUEST POST: By Marissa Turner, Mom & Host of Louisiana's "The Outdoor Kitchen Show" Hi, my name is Marissa and I'm a mom and a wife. Notice that "wife" came second -- somehow, for most of us, it always does. So, along with all the wonderful submissions about being a mother on this site, let me add this rather base one about how to turn off … [Read more...]

A Love Story

. Its Valentine's Day? Oh yeah. :) John and I have never been big on Valentine's Day. We might give each other a card or something. But in general we see it mostly as a commercial holiday. We make a point to be loving to each other and say loving things on a daily basis. I'd much rather celebrate our love on an anniversary that has true … [Read more...]