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Overcoming Teeth Sensitivity and Dental Anxiety

Overcoming Teeth Sensitivity and Dental Anxiety #sensitivesmiles #ad

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #SensitiveSmiles #CollectiveBias I've always had issues with my teeth. Cavities and sensitivity, even when my mom diligently took me to the dentist every six months as a kid. It sucks! But I have to be honest, I hate taking care of my teeth. I know intellectually it's … [Read more...]

How To Find the Right Doctors: Interview Them

This is something that is so critical to remember. Not all doctors are created equal. -->How to Find the Best Doctor for you: Interview Them

Did you know you can interview your doctors? Maybe I'm stating the obvious, but there was a time, at the beginning of my mental health struggles, when I had NO idea I could interview psychiatrists and therapists in my search to find a good one. I always just assumed that whomever I landed on would know what he or she was doing because of that medical degree on the wall. What I didn't … [Read more...]

How to Inspire an Exercise Hater to Make Healthy Choices

how to inspire an exercise hater to make healthy choices

I have a confession: I hate to exercise. In my 40 years on this earth, I have never found an exercise that appeals to me enough to actually keep doing it. For example, I like yoga. It's stress-reducing and actually would be good for my anxiety, but you can't just do it once and call it a day. I have to keep doing it, and that is not my cup of tea. Setting healthy goals and continuing to make … [Read more...]

The Real Challenge


The ice bucket challenge. Its been everywhere and yet I still don’t know enough about ALS. I haven’t lived through it personally with a loved one, but like many of you, I have become much more aware of the disease, which I think is a very good thing. I do believe that fundraising campaigns that also build awareness are important. I keep hearing things like “slactivism” or other controversies … [Read more...]

Your Child’s School Vaccines Can Help a Child in Need


A few weeks ago, I took Ellie to her well child check up and back to school immunizations. As we sat waiting for the nurse to return to give Ellie her three required vaccines (ugh) she really started to get nervous. I could see her wheels start turning and her sweet little mug began to switch between angry face and anxious face. I didn't blame her of course, but wanted to cut it off at the pass … [Read more...]

I’m not a bad mom because there’s a dance pole in my living room


Today I'd like to welcome Alison for "I'm Not a Bad Mom." If you'd like to contribute to this weekly series you'll find details here. And Alison, rock on girl. I have never been more excited to receive such an honest Mother’s Day card from my child (except for maybe last year when he divulged my love of fast food and said for fun I like to go to the grocery store by myself). This mother’s … [Read more...]

Summer Safety Tips for Kids


Summer. We're not quite there yet, the kids are still in school until next week, but its coming up fast. I know it'll be a busy one. Always a lot of activity and play time since we have to enjoy the good weather. Its beautiful and sunny (yes even in rainy Seattle) and with the sun and extra outdoor time, accidents can happen. Sunburn, dehydration, bumps, cuts and bruises. So today I'm sharing some … [Read more...]

Healthy Habits for Women’s Health


When I think of women's health of course mental health comes to mind. It's what I do after all. But its not just about those of us diagnosed with a mental illness. Mental health is so much bigger, and when it comes to all women, particularly moms, it takes on a whole new meaning. All of us lose sleep on occasion, or forget to eat a proper meal during a busy day, or don't drink enough water. And … [Read more...]

Managing Family Medication Refills

photo (63)

. I talk a lot about the practical issues of dealing with mental illness on this blog, but I don't think I've ever specifically talked about the challenge (and truly it is a challenge) of staying on top of taking my meds regularly and keeping up with medications refills. I take three different mental health meds daily. And in our home, its not just about me. My husband has allergies and … [Read more...]

On the Move: Needing Meds is Not a Weakness

Image-1 (1)

. This week I have the honor--as a member of the Warrior Moms Leadership Team--of managing the Postpartum Progress blog. It is the world’s most widely-read blog on postpartum depression and all other mental illnesses related to pregnancy and childbirth. The site focuses on positive messages of empowerment and recovery, because PPD is temporary and treatable with professional help. Today I'm … [Read more...]

Physical Disease and Pain Causing Depression


  Please Note: I am not a doctor. This information is based on my own research and personal experiences. If you are struggling, please see your doctor immediately. Something I've never really talked about here on the blog is depression and suicidal thoughts/actions as a result of chronic physical diseases and conditions. Statistics show that most suicides are the result of untreated … [Read more...]

Guest Post: Developing the Strength to Break Cycles


. I'd like to welcome Stephanie to the blog today, a writer for houstonnanny.com. With a love of children, Stephanie has many years of experience as a nanny and has always been involved in childcare activities.  ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Many of us were raised in … [Read more...]

Join Us for #WellnessWed Mental Health TweetChat

MomsRising Tweet Chat

We invite you... Wednesday, Oct 23rd  join MomsRising, the National Alliance on Mental Illness, Get Covered America and little ole' me for the #WellnessWed TweetChat about mental health care coverage and the Affordable Care Act. Come and share your questions, stories, resources and more: DATE: Wednesday, October 23rd TIME: 4-5 pm ET / 1-2 pm PT WHERE: On Twitter, follow the … [Read more...]

Treatment is Possible.


Today is World Mental Health Day. I've been having a rough time with my own mental health the past few days so I haven't been as active as I'd like this awareness week, during which I'd normally be writing up a storm. But I think today it's appropriate to mention that I have bad days, even though I'm treated well. Lack of sleep has a lot to do with it. And to be honest, a lot of the misinformed … [Read more...]

Digestive Issues: I Found Answers at Walgreens

Digestive Health #shop 1

Over the past year, we've really changed the way we eat, and its affected me in so many ways including my mental and digestive health. I know I've talked a lot about how gluten was affecting my husband, my kids and even my own anxiety. But in the process of removing gluten and dieting to get my baby-weight off, I cut down considerably on carbs for many months and that threw my digestive system out … [Read more...]