PPMD Screening: A Matter of Life Or Death

PPD Screening

. GUEST POST By: A'Driane, mama of three, wife to a nerdy futurist, and a color addict who gets a rush from putting paint to canvas. A PPD & PPA survivor, she now strives to find the beauty in living despite the chaos of Bipolar Disorder Type II & OCD. An ardent believer in the power of … [Read more...]

Breastfeeding Success: 3 1/2 Years!


August in National Breastfeeding Month. When I became a new mom in 2007, I didn't know how important breastfeeding would be to me until I didn't make it work with Ronin. Direct breastfeeding that is. In fact, I ended up exclusively pumping for him for 13 months (don't ask me how I did it. I have no … [Read more...]

Decisions: Breastfeeding and BlogHer


Today I'm linking up with one of my #MHBlogs group members Bereaved and Blessed and her "Time Warp Tuesdays" series. This week's prompt is DECISIONS. We make them every day, for ourselves and often for loved ones, such as our children, elderly parents, employees, students, etc. Some decisions … [Read more...]

Milkmakers Cookies {Review}


. I just baked the most delicious cookies this weekend. Seriously ridiculously delicious Oatmeal Chocolate Chip cookies that are ALREADY gone. Sad face. Lucky for me, Milkmakers sent me two bags of mix so I have another one waiting in the wings. Yay! So, you might be thinking, what the … [Read more...]

“Baby-Friendly” Hospital Action Alert


What an interesting week its already been! On Monday Lee Jeans posted my Mom Body Image Roller Coaster post on their Facebook page including this graphic of little ole me. ----------------->     Then today MomsRising.org emailed an "Action Alert" to all of its members … [Read more...]

After The World Stopped Turning

Zoie and her boys

I am blessed to have Zoie on the blog today. This is post she wrote (first anonymously) about her own experience being suicidal after the birth of her stillborn daughter. Today she is ready to share her journey publicly here on Motherhood Unadorned in honor of Suicide Prevention Week. I am very … [Read more...]

I Am Not a Bad Mom Because of my Parenting Choices

Digital StillCamera

GUEST POST By: Charity @signingcharity  www.gigglesandgrimaces.blogspot.com   I am not a bad mom. This got me thinking in several different directions. One of the great things about twitter and blogging is seeing all the different parenting styles, what works for some and not for others.  It … [Read more...]

Top 10: Why Breastfeeding Rocks


My Top 10: Why Breastfeeding Rocks.   Last week during World Breastfeeding Week, I went a little against the grain and left Ellie for 4 nights for the first time. Unsure if it might be the end of our nursing relationship, I was feeling a little uncomfortable about doing a Breastfeeding … [Read more...]

Should I take the baby to #BlogHer11 ?!?

Ellie me july 4

I'll be geeking out at BlogHer '11 this August. Yay! For those of you who aren't familiar -- which was ME, oh about 6 months ago newbie that I am -- BlogHer is the biggest and best blogging conference around. In fact, about 3,000 bloggers will be descending upon San Diego to take part in 3 days of … [Read more...]

A Small Person (or Two) Beside Me

Groggy in my early morning sleep, a little sound bursts through to my consciousness. "A-boo. A-boo." For several minutes I don't know what's happening. Does she want to nurse? What time is it anyway? A little nose touches mine. "Nose. Nose. Nose." I hear in her sweet baby voice. I open my eyes … [Read more...]

Helping Siblings through the New Baby Transition

CO-AUTHORED POST By: Gretchen Covine & Cristi Comes Nothing can break your heart or dampen your new-baby-bliss quite like signs of jealousy from your existing children. In fact, acting out by your older kids can sometimes be a trigger for PPD and other postpartum mood issues. So it’s definitely … [Read more...]

Twitter is Making me Nervous


Do you tweet? I do @EllieAdorn. But not too well, I think. I began tweeting last year after starting my little mama necklace business. I didn't really know much about Twitter and just sort of learned as a went. I started connecting with moms mostly about attachment parenting and breastfeeding, big … [Read more...]

An Empty Tank. Jean’s Struggle with #Breastfeeding


GUEST POST: By Jean Watts, Mom When a woman embarks on the adventure of pregnancy she never thinks about the struggles she may face.  I was that woman, I had visions of a natural childbirth and a baby that would latch on and start nursing within moments of birth.  I had plans to breastfeed my … [Read more...]

Hooray for Lactation Consultants & Breastfeeding Friendly Hospital!

Me & Ellie at Evergreen Hospital

Update: 9/1/2011 E & I are about to hit our 19-month milestone of breastfeeding! :) Also today my birth story was posted on Birth Stories On Demand. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- After my … [Read more...]

Don’t Call Him a “Titty Baby”! #breastfeeding

. GUEST POST: By Lara Audelo, Mom, Founder, MamaPear Designs & Certified Lacation Education Counselor (CLEC) www.mamapeardesigns.com I support all breastfeeding moms, and I work to help them achieve their own personal breastfeeding goals, whatever they may be.  I breastfed my oldest son … [Read more...]

Breastfeeding is good for our nation’s children: Sign this petition please!

From www.MomsRising.org Believe it or not, breastfeeding has become a political hot potato. Despite the fact that major medical institutions, including the American Academy of Pediatrics, recommend breastfeeding exclusively for the first six months, Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann decried the IRS’ … [Read more...]

We didn’t make it work #Breastfeeding

Ronin 1 Week Old

When I was pregnant with Ronin (my 3-year-old), people often asked if I planned to breastfeed. I of course knew "breast is best" but didn't take classes or do much research of any kind. I was so focused on the pregnancy itself, I just didn't even go there. So my answer was always "I plan to try" and … [Read more...]