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Your Child’s School Vaccines Can Help a Child in Need

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A few weeks ago, I took Ellie to her well child check up and back to school immunizations. As we sat waiting for the nurse to return to give Ellie her three required vaccines (ugh) she really started to get nervous. I could see her wheels start turning and her sweet little mug began to switch between angry face and anxious face. I didn’t blame her of course, but wanted to cut it off at the pass before she started crying.

Get a Shot. Give a Shot.

But then she came out with “Mommy, why do we need shots?”

Whew! I took this as a great opportunity to distract her and teach her (and Ronin who was with us) a little something about vaccinations, because yes they suck but are oh so necessary.

Telling School Agers Why They Need Shots


I explained to Ellie and Ronin that we get shots to avoid coming down with certain very bad sicknesses. I let them know that even Mommy and Daddy have to get these shots because it’s very important for our own health, but also the health of those around us. I told them how sad I would be if either one of them ever got sick, and how lucky they are to be able to get the shots.

“Lucky!?” they said.

Yes, I told them, because in certain parts of the world kids don’t have enough money or access to these shots, and many of those kids get sick without them.

They’re both very familiar with the concept of money so that part made sense, but access? So we talked about how certain parts of the world don’t have things like we do in the United States. Ronin love geography so later we took a look at the map in his room to talk a bit more about it.


The concept that other people’s lives are not like our own is difficult for them to grasp at 4 and almost 7, but it was a start. These kind of discussions are important to me, especially because they’re middle class kids living a pretty privileged life. I want them to appreciate what they have in life and know it’s important to help others.

Your Child’s Vaccines can Help a Child in Need


It was shortly thereafter that I learned about Walgreens Gift a Shot. Get a Shot. program. The program is for school age children 7 and up. When your child gets their school immunizations, like whooping cough or meningitis at Walgreens, they will help provide a life saving vaccine to a child in a developing country through the United Nation Foundation’s Shot@Life Campaign.

I love this. We’re already Walgreens customers and have been shopping at our current location for about 10 years, so we’re always there anyway. I think when Ronin needs his next round of vaccines we’ll have them done there. Its quick and easy, you don’t even need an appointment. The Walgreens pharmacist will report back to your primary care physician and most insurances are accepted. I know ours is because I got my last flu shot at Walgreens.


While you’re doing your Back to School shopping, think about your child’s required immunizations too. You could easily get it all done at Walgreens, and with Get a Shot. Give a Shot. help a child in a developing country as well. That is absolutely win win.

Have you had the “shot talk” with your kids?

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  1. What a great program. I’ll see if we can do this with our flu shots this year.
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  2. I’ll have one next year in middle school so he’ll have to get a shot and one in college so he’ll get a shot too. I’ll check to see if I can do this then.
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  3. This is such a good program and makes us thankful that we have access to immunizations!!
    Gwendolyn M recently posted..Get a Shot Give a Shot® at WalgreensMy Profile

  4. I don’t have kids, but I love the “give a shot, get a shot” program, and am hoping that when I need my flu shot, that’s one that’s included in the program. I love that you took the time to explain to your kids all of that stuff. Definitely a great idea!
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  5. My daughter is only 1.5, but she already is starting to fear her shots. I love the talk you gave your children, and will certainly do the same for my little girl when she is old enough to understand.

  6. That’s an awesome idea!! Great way to give back in a big way!
    Ann Marie DelFavero recently posted..Mani Monday :: Sugar Plum Fairies Gone Wild In Siberian NightsMy Profile

  7. Thank you so much for helping to spread this awesome message! #client
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