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I’m Not a Bad Mom Because I Don’t Limit Screen Time

This week’s #notabadmom post is by me! If you’d like to guest post for this series and share you’re own story of why you are not a bad mom, please check out details here. I’d love to hear from you.

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I sometimes feel like mama guilt forces us to do (or not do) things that deep down we may not think are necessary. For me, limiting screen time is one of those things. I sometimes feel guilt over the fact that my kids don’t have a limit. It seems like most people do limit their kids, or that its the “right” thing to do. But I just don’t find it necessary or practical for our household.

Of course I’m absolutely not suggesting that if you limit screen time you are wrong. I’m sure you have your reasons and have done your research and I fully support that. We each have to do what we feel in our hearts is right for our own families. I just feel differently.


Ronin and Ellie do not have a specified limit and its actually something John and I purposefully decided would be the case. He makes video games for a living and we both love technology. We want to instill that love in our children. In my opinion, we are living in a time when screen time at a young age could actually enhance a child’s future career.

I love seeing their accomplishments and the skills they’ve learned using iPad games. Back in his preschool days, Ronin learned to count to 100 playing an iPad game with Daddy. He started learning and discussing strategy because of games like Plants vs Zombies. He learned geography playing iPad puzzles.

At 4 and 6, both Ellie and Ronin already know how to use a computer. Ronin was just bonding with Grandma while she was visiting this week playing Farmville on dueling laptops. It was pretty cute.

Both John and I snuggle and bond with the kids watching movies or playing a game of Skylanders on the Xbox. We enjoy spending time together on a lazy weekend and don’t stress about the hour count.

They also enjoy screen time together. They watch shows and play little corresponding “live action” games with their toys at the same time. They don’t often watch TV or a movie and zone out. They’re typically multitasking, which I think is a great skill to have.

Overall I really like that we don’t limit screen time. I see lots of benefits and I don’t think it makes me a bad mom, even though on some days my mama guilt can get the better of me.


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  1. I am with you. I don’t see the advantages to limiting screen time on purpose. I do it randomly, but they seem to grasp when enough is enough.
    MryJhnsn (@mryjhnsn) recently posted..Retail Therapy: Mid-Summer Must HavesMy Profile

    • Thanks ! I also think on a case by case basis is a good idea. There are times when it’s definitely not time for screen time.

  2. I do agree with you. I never limited TV time or computer (unless it was back in the time when we just had 1 computer). Each of my kids had a tv in their room with a timer on it for when they went to sleep. I did however block channels I did not want them to watch. I also agree that those that do, is their choice, and I respect them also for that! Great post.
    Becky Ryan- Willis recently posted..New Power Rangers and Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation DVDs Available August 5thMy Profile

  3. Shevaun

    I’m with you. There are times when I refuse to have the TV on, but that’s usually a noise thing for me. My girls just recently developed a love of side scrolling Mario games, and I am SO STOKED. We’re a gaming, tech happy household.(Yay Nintendo!!) It doesn’t hurt that both my girls prefer to read most of the time…it justifies the 3 Kindles and 2 Nooks!

  4. We don’t limit screen time either. I foster my kids’ geekier sides. :)
    Tim recently posted..New Big Hero 6 Trailer #BigHero6 #MeetBaymaxMy Profile

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