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4th Birthday Manicures & Sushi …Seriously.


Ellie’s idea, I swear.

She’s got sophisticated tastes, that one. So I got to planning her 4th Birthday Party just the way she wanted it.


I electronically created the party invite above using a few of my favorite iPhone apps. First in Polyvore, I tracked down some background images (like the black and pinks frames you see above) and the nail polish photos. Never underestimate the power of screen shot. Then using the Rhonna Designs

 app I worked some invite magic by adding the copy. I think it turned out very cute!



To create simple manicures and sushi themed party favors, I purchases “Asian-style” take out boxes from Target for $1 each. Since Valentine’s Day is coming up they had these adorable heart window boxes in both pink and red. I included mini nail polish, festive nail files and lip balm from Walmart, sparkle stickers found at Michael’s, and these adorable sushi erasers

 purchased from Amazon.

manicure party favors

Kids Manicures and Pedicures.

Right next door to our favorite sushi place (see below), is a nail salon. Ellie wanted to invite like 50 bazillion friends of course and we ended up with about 6 girls and 6 boys (which was more than enough chaos in the salon, I recommend about half that number.) Each chose between manis and pedis (Ellie got both.) All the boys opted for manicures in Seahawks colors (the Super Bowl was the following day) and most of the girls of course got pink or purple.

Ellie mani pedi

Ronin manicure

seahawks nails

Make sure to pre-schedule it with the salon and be specific about what you’re hoping for. Unfortunately even though I had gone in a few days in advance and told them numbers, it didn’t go very smoothly. They had written an “appointment” in the calendar but when we arrived ALL of the ladies working were taken. That was certainly frustrating but with a few iPads to entertain the kids in the lobby, it turned out OK. Ellie ended up opening presents in the waiting area while kids waited for their service.

opening present

4th Birthday Dress.

I found this adorable grey shirt dress with built in tutu at the thrift store and purchased at this custom rainbow iron-on #4 applique from The Applique Patch on Etsy. I think it turned out great! Ellie loves it, and she looks stinkin’ cute!

birthday dress

Sushi Lunch.

Next up a sushi lunch next door. My kids are obsessed with sushi. Honestly so are John and I and we exposed them very early, and happily they’ve taken to it very nicely. So the first thing Ellie said she wanted was to have her birthday at our favorite Sushi Hana. Its a conveyor belt sushi restaurant with the majority of plates ranging from $1 to $3 each. And it is REALLy good. If you’re in the Seattle area, definitely worth going. We’re there about once a week so maybe we’ll see ya!

We ended up with about 25 people (kids & adults) coming. So to make it simple, I reserved Sushi Hana’s 3 big booths and pre-ordered trays of sushi for each table, mostly the $1-$2 items so it really wasn’t terribly expensive for that many people. And of course it was delicious.

sushi hana


Ellie loves to bake, and she’s gluten-free, so we opted to make our own cake. She had chosen flower plates/napkins so we thought it would be fun to make a little flower cake and cupcakes made in both Chocolate

 and Vanilla
 with Betty Crocker gluten-free cake mix. Both flavors are quite good, but I’d have to say the chocolate the better of the two.


I’m not typically a baker but have been doing it more because Ellie loves it so much, so it made this time leading up to her birthday extra-special that she got to help. I headed to YouTube to look up techniques for making flower cakes, and honestly creating the petals was pretty easy. Here’s the video I watched if you’re interested in trying it yourself.

We did the cupcakes together and started on the cake as well. But I didn’t finish it until after she went to bed so I could surprise her before her party with the final design. For a cake amateur I was really pleased with how it turned out, and she said, “Mommy, its BEEAUUUTIFUL!” when she first saw it.


We just took the cake/cupcakes, candles and knife with us to sushi and sang and served after lunch. And of course sang Happy Birthday!


photo (85)


photo (86)

All in all it was a wonderful birthday. She loved it, all her friends enjoyed it, and I actually had a ton of fun, with NO clean up! Score.

Happy 4th Birthday to my beautiful, kind, smart and funny baby girl. (Don’t tell her I said she was funny, she doesn’t like it when I call her that, but she totally is.) 

Disclosure: This post contains Amazon affiliate links.


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