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Once Upon a Time: Depression #DayofLight



Once upon a time, there was a 20-something girl with a family history of mental illness. But she didn’t know that at the time. It was something that wasn’t talked about. Something that lurked in the darkness.

When she started struggling herself, she didn’t know what it was. She felt confused, alone and sad. She stopped eating and lost 10 pounds in 2 days, but for some reason she pulled herself up and went to her primary doctor. He gave her a script for a low dose anti-depressant. No discussion of therapy or self care or alternative treatments. Just a little pill.

It seemed OK at first. She started to feel a bit better. But then something changed and it wasn’t working. She felt like she’d lost the lows, yes, but she also lost the highs. So she quit cold turkey and crashed.

You may have guessed, this story isn’t about some random “she”, it was me over 15 years ago, the first time I sought help for depression. I of course didn’t know that at the time. But there it is.

I was uneducated. It was NEVER talked about.  But boy do I talk about it now.

When I heard that a bunch of bloggers (who don’t normally blog about mental health) had started the idea of a #DayofLight to bring depression out of the darkness, I was so pleased! You know I advocate for mental health and suicide prevention regularly on this blog, and I would venture to guess that a majority of those who read here are pretty educated about this stuff themselves. If you’d like to participate, there’s more info HERE.

But a group of bloggers who have more vast and varied readerships will reach even more people. Their messages just might reach someone out there who’s struggling and doesn’t know why. Someone who’s never sought to educate themselves about mental illness. And to me that’s a very very good thing.

We are stronger when we advocate and educate together.

So today, since I am always sharing about my depression (and other symptoms of mental illness) I thought I’d share with you some of my older favorite posts (some by me and others guest posts) about mental health. I had a teeny tiny readership when I started this blog and those of you here now have probably never seen these. So here you go. I hope they help someone. I hope they help YOU feel not so alone, and realize its more than OK to seek treatment.

Suicide Should Not Be Hushed Up by Cristi Comes

An Email from Inside PPD by Cristi Comes

A Teen Daughter’s Perspective on Medication, Mental Illness and Suicide by Brelin Davis (age 15) who’s mother died of suicide.

Suicide Awareness Can Be a Deterrent by Cristi Comes

The Writing on the Wall: Generalized Anxiety in Children & Teens by Ellie @onecraftyellie

I’m Not a Bad Mom Because I Take Medication by Cristi Comes

Part 1: 4 Weeks…An Admission of PPD Part 2: The Best Laid Plans by Robin @farewellstrangr

A Path to Well Enough by Cristi Comes

A Crisis In Pregnancy. A Crisis at Birth. PPD by Cristina Ward

From My Window by Katie Sluiter @ksluiter

I Just Want Someone to Fix Me by Cristi Comes

Shelter Along a Dark Road by Lauren @unxpctdblessing

I Don’t Have Answers, I Just Know How It Feels by Eileen @calandro5

I am Strong Enough by Jenna @frelle

Thanks so much to all of you reading and all of you advocating. If you’re interested in writing a guest post on this blog, please let me know cristicomes@gmail.com.

If you find yourself struggling today or any day, please reach out. You can check out my list of crisis resources here but one of the best is the Lifeline 800-273-TALK (8255). This is a place you can call to find resources available in your area.

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About Cristi Comes

Warrior Mom. Wife. Writer. Advocate for mental health, suicide prevention, self care, self image and style. Technology and social media lover. Board of Directors, American Foundation for Suicide Prevention Washington State Chapter. Editorial Team Postpartum Progress.


  1. Thank you for sharing Cristi! Seems like such a common experience that doctors will just “put a script on it.” I wish primary care was better integrated with mental health services.
    Erin recently posted..Down, but definitely not outMy Profile

  2. Im glad that you decided to talk about your experience. Depression is a disease that needs to be treated through knowledge and Im happy that you decided to share yours.

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