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Bring Depression Out of the Darkness #DayofLight



On Wednesday February 5th bloggers from all over the country are collaborating to flood social media with personal stories about living with depression, and accurate information on managing and living with the mental illness. #DayOfLight was created to shine a light on depression, and share resources for those who are struggling with the mental illness.

You know this is something near and dear to my heart, and that I blog about mental illness all the time. But for many, its a topic that they don’t often share. And they’re finding their courage to do it. Many involved are not “mental health bloggers” per se, but have come together to share and advocate for a cause that affects them (and so many).

By the way, if you’re a blogger who is joining #DayofLight, even if you don’t typically blog about mental health. I’d encourage you to join my Mental Health Blogs Facebook group by clicking here. The group is over 100 strong and is a place to network and share with other bloggers. I truly believe we are stronger advocates together. (Please note: Its not a mental health support group. The focus is blogging/advocacy for mental health.)

Would you like to participate in #DayofLight? Here’s how:

  • Write a blog post sharing your personal experience of depression and/or share resources to help others. Add the #DayOfLight hashtag in your post title.”
  • Watch the #DayOfLight Google Hangout on Wednesday, February 5th at 11 AM EST. Tweet and ask questions. (http://bit.ly/1ilifbP)
  • Participate in the #DayOfLight twitter chat on Wednesday, February 5th at 9 PM EST (follow@PushingLovely@NotoriousSpinks, and @BrandiJeter for more information)
  • Turn your social media avatars black and white on Wednesday, February 5th so we can visually represent all of those affected by depression.
  • Share inspiring tweets, posts, and photos  on social media to encourage those who are suffering with depression to let them know that they are not alone. Use the hashtag #DayOfLight.

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About Cristi Comes

Warrior Mom. Wife. Writer. Advocate for mental health, suicide prevention, self care, self image and style. Technology and social media lover. Board of Directors, American Foundation for Suicide Prevention Washington State Chapter. Editorial Team Postpartum Progress.


  1. I’ll be participating! Thank you for organizing this. <3
    Lea recently posted..Things You Never KnewMy Profile

  2. I just wrote about this recently, so I updated my post to participate. Thanks for telling me about this!
    JD @ Honest Mom recently posted..Here is the face of a mom with depression. #DayOfLightMy Profile

  3. Thanks for constantly inspiring me Cristy! Love your blog! So glad I met you at that blogger baby shower last year. :-) Hope I gave you enough credit in my post tonight. I’m still feeling a bit amateur at this blogging thing.

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