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Suicide Prevention Legislation Update: WA State

Just an update to Washington State Suicide Prevention Legislation Bill (HB1336), introduced by WA Representative Tina Orwall that I posted about last month.

From Rep. Orwll’s office, 3/4/13:

“Rep. Orwall’s troubled youth bill, ESHB 1336, passed the House today with bipartisan support, 90-8! 

Two amendments to the bill were adopted on the House floor:  One was to further trim the fiscal note by providing clarity that the training is phased in and that the involvement of the ESD’s is voluntary; the other removes part of the intent section to further decrease liability concerns.
ESHB 1336 will now be considered in the Senate.”


HB1336 would require certified school nurses, school social workers, and school counselors to complete training in youth suicide screening and referral as a condition of their certification. The bill also contains several other requirements for schools – for example, it would require that school districts adopt a plan for recognition, initial screening, and response to emotional or behavioral distress in students, including indicators of possible substance abuse, violence, and youth suicide, as well as the development of a model school district policy for this plan. Educational service districts would also be required to develop and maintain the capacity to offer training for educators and other school district staff.

Here is the direct link for the bill: http://apps.leg.wa.gov/documents/billdocs/2013-14/Pdf/Bills/House%20Bills/1336.pdf so that you can have a chance to look it over.

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