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A Few of Her Favorite Things

me and ellie
So Ellie’s birthday was this Sunday. Sadly she came down with the croup on Wednesday night and we had to reschedule her party for next weekend. BIG bummer!

But we still tried to make her time special. And even though she was a little extra grumpy on occasion, she still had fun.

On Saturday we had lunch and then picked up her Hello Kitty party balloons. I purposefully did not reschedule these because I thought she’d like it. And she did.


On Sunday at about 8am, I woke up to a faint yelling coming from downstairs “Mommy, I want to open my presents!” She had gone downstairs by herself (which she never does) and was standing in front of her pile to presents. We woke up the whole gang and in PJs she opened her gifts.

She loves My Little Pony (and got a few for Christmas) so instead of more ponies I picked up an activity/sticker book. This is going to be perfect for our family trip to visit Grandma and Grandpa in a couple of weeks.


One of her FAVORITE gifts I actually didn’t even buy for her. We received it as a gift from TimetoPlayMag.com after a blogger lunch they hosted here in Seattle with The Toy Guy. She has so many dolls that I honestly wasn’t sure if she’d be interested in another one. But this Baby Alive is actually really cool! She is LOVING it. She can feed the baby bananas and juice from a sippy cup. The doll is interactive, it talks and tells you when its hungry or thirsty. The kids have been eating it up (pun intended) ever since she opened it! Thank you Time to Play!

Baby Alive

We also got her a Batman poncho towel on zulily. LOVE.


Her Grams sent her this Angry Birds nightgown. We are HUGE Angry Birds fans around here, and I’m telling you this will NOT be used as PJs. She loves it and insisted on wearing is as a dress with leggings out on her birthday. I think its super cute!

Angry Birds

Since I had to reschedule her birthday cake for next weekend, we decided to drive to our local gluten-free bakery to pick up cupcakes to sing Happy Birthday.

E in carseat

Sweet Cakes in Kirkland, WA makes gluten-free SO yummy! Ellie chose a chocolate cupcake with raspberry frosting.


Happy Birthday Ellie!

More to come from Ellie’s Hello Kitty Themed 3rd Birthday Party next weekend at The Nest in Woodinville. I’m sure she’ll have a lot more favorite things to share!


Special thanks to Grandma & Grandpa, Uncle D & Aunt Annmarie, Aunt Amber, Great Grandma Comes, and Grams & Pop Pop for all of the awesome gifts!! (Not all shown above.) 

Disclaimer: Time to Play provided Ellie’s Baby Alive. No compensation was received. The opinions above as always are my own.

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