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3 Years!

So Ellie turns 3 today. THREE. Wow. My baby girl isn’t really a baby anymore.

And I’m looking back for a minute…

Last night, 3 years ago OB decided I needed to be induced because Ellie’s heart rate was super high and they weren’t sure why. She was already past her due date and I was SO ready! My husband and I were scared for our little peanut and her racing heart. I was also super worried about 2-year-old Ronin who was at home with his Aunt with a bad case of The Croup!

Just before 1am our sweet baby girl PUSHED her way into the world (I swear it was her, not me) with no doctor in sight and my poor husband yelling for the nurse to get in there. My mom was panicking and as mad as I’ve ever seen her in the corner because the doctor would not make it in time!

15 nurses converged and checked out our little one, and all was VERY well. Ellie was born 12:57am, February 3, 2010 weighing 7lb 11 oz.

And our lives have never been the same since.

Happy 3rd Birthday Baby Girl! Mommy loves you more than words.


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