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I’m Walking 18 Miles for Suicide Prevention!

AMAZING! In just 4 days YOU have been so supportive and wonderful. YOU have donated $1,191 to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention to honor your loved ones lost way to soon, as well as mine. THANK YOU!

I’ve reached the minimum mark of $1,000 required to participate in the 18-mile walk in Washington DC this June. So now I’m upping the ante.

My new goal is $2,000 raised before the The Overnight Walk.

I’m also working on travel expenses and so far have received $100 for travel via Paypal donations. Thank you!!

If you’d like to contribute, please use this button for Paypal donations.NOTE: Mark your donation “travel” and I will save it in my travel account. If and WHEN I find a corporate travel sponsor or find enough airlines miles for a free ticket, the money saved in the travel account will be transferred to the AFSP (I promise!).

I Will Honor Your Loved Ones:

Today I put out a request on Facebook and have already gotten several responses.

I would LOVE to honor those whom you have lost to suicide during my walk. I will wear the names you share with me, whether on ribbons or printed names on a shirt, I’ll figure it out. But for now, please, if you have lost a loved one to suicide and would like me to walk in their honor, email the name(s) to cristicomes@gmail.com or use the Contact Me link.  Please use the subject line: Name for The Overnight.

Thank you again so much!

Mental health and suicide prevention is such an important issue. Millions die by suicide each year and millions more must live with the aftermath. I am raising funds for the AFSP for their invaluable work, including suicide research; educational programs for professionals; educational and awareness campaigns about mental illness and suicide prevention; advocacy of policies and legislation affecting mental health and suicide prevention; and valuable support and resources for survivors of suicide.

Please keep the ball rolling! Every dollar counts.

Here are some examples of what the AFSP can do with the money we raise together:

EVERY $10: AFSP distributes one Depression and Bipolar Awareness educational program (DVD).

EVERY $50: AFSP provides educational materials to 25 people. If just one person seeks help after reading these materials, a life could be saved for less than the cost of dinner and a movie.

EVERY $100: AFSP educates a mental health professional or primary care physician about the warning signs of suicide. Each of them in turn, will reach and inform hundreds – maybe thousands – of people.

EVERY $250: Enables AFSP to recruit and train a volunteer field advocate who can then educate Federal, State and local elected officials about suicide prevention.

EVERY $500: Trains a new Survivor of Suicide support group facilitator. Each new facilitator will bring group members together with other survivors. Together, they will see that that they are not alone.

EVERY $1,000: Funds a year of research into the genetic, biological or behavioral factors that contribute to suicide when added to $1,000 from 44 other walkers. The number of lives potentially saved by this research is incalculable.

EVERY $5,000: Places AFSP’s innovative Interactive Screening Program (ISP) at a college or university to identify at risk students and get them into treatment.

Donate here: http://TheOvernight.donordrive.com/participant/ccomes Thank you!



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Warrior Mom. Wife. Writer. Advocate for mental health, suicide prevention, self care, self image and style. Technology and social media lover. Board of Directors, American Foundation for Suicide Prevention Washington State Chapter. Editorial Team Postpartum Progress.


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