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An Attachment Parent’s Stroller? Yes. Bumbleride Flyer.


My husband and I are attachment parents. We didn’t always know that’s what we’d be, but John and I quickly figured out 3 1/2 year ago, that’s exactly what we are.

Ronin  has been a shy and cautious child practically from birth. Mommy and Daddy are his safe haven. He always wanted to be close. I loved wearing him out and about in carriers as much as possible. But man was he a BIG baby, and I was seriously out of shape. He enjoyed strollers, but only if facing us.

He outgrew his infant stroller system (car seat facing us in the stroller) at 7 months. So I went on a mission. I’m a bit of a research hound when I’m interested in something. John calls me The Research Queen. For months I was stroller obsessed. I couldn’t stop reading reviews, checking out strollers in stores, talking to friends, and stalking stroller owners I didn’t even know. I wanted to find the perfect stroller for us and my dear sweet shy boy.

Anyway, the point is, what I really wanted was a stroller with a reversible seat or handle so Ronin could happily face us when needed. Most options were exceedingly expensive, well over $500. But then I discovered the Flyer, a stroller with a reversible handle created by family-owned company Bumbleride. Parents Matthew and Emily Reichardt launched the company in 2004 after the birth of their first child. (They now have 3!)

The Flyer is not inexpensive by any means at over $300. But I can honestly say it has been, and continues to be, one of the best purchases we’ve made. Well worth the investment. And John agrees my stroller obsession paid off. We own the 2009 Bumbleride Flyer in Seagrass, purchased in April of 2009 when the new model was just released.

Ronin & Ellie Enjoying Our Flyer During the Past 2 Years

First of all, I love the styling. This is one great looking stroller. The color choices are very fun. Ruby (All Red), Vita (Fuchsia & Grey), Seagrass (Green & Light Teal) and Lava (Black & Grey). The reversible handle is absolutely ingenious. I love this aspect of the Flyer so much. It quickly and easily converts by flipping the handle and locking/unlocking the wheels. As a mom of 1 (at the time) I

went out a lot, even during nap time. He could face me, fully recline to a laying position, and just sleep away. I could actually go shopping with a one-year-old and enjoy myself. Yes Mamas, I did just say that. And I’m not kidding one bit.

It has a large canopy, which I’ve been told they’ve enhanced for the newer 2010 & 2011 models with even more sun coverage, and a new UV mesh viewing window. The basket underneath is a really great size, and access is easy. It can hold a diaper bag, a couple of jackets and supplies. There’s also a very handy zippered pocket on the back of the canopy to hold small items like keys, cellphone, wallet, etc. The new models have a newly positioned handle adjuster and footrest adjuster. The wheels are rubber and have double foot locks.

One minor complaint is that it’s not a quick one-step or one-handed fold. But once I got the hang of it, it’s never been an issue. This is not an off-road stroller by any means, but the ride is smooth on sidewalks, streets and indoor surfaces due to its suspension.

John & Ronin

The Flyer comes standard with a cup holder, bumper bar, car seat adapter and rain shield, and has several available options like a snack tray and a carry cot for newborns. Although I must say with the full recline and adjustable footrest, it’s already perfectly cozy and protective for a newborn.

For two years we’ve used the Bumbleride Flyer. It’s stood the test of time with our two kids. It is absolutely our Go-To stroller when we need one. (And we’ve had four strollers since Ronin’s birth and this is the ONLY one we still use.)

I still babywear a lot (Ellie’s a lighter munchkin than my big boy) but sometimes you just need the freedom. Especially for moms like me who’ve suffered from PPD & depression. I always want to stay connected to my kids but sometimes much needed “carry breaks” are very welcome.

These days, Ellie and Ronin actually fight over sitting in it. And yes folks, he’s 3 1/2 and quite tall and still naps in it once in a while. I just LOVE those days. Sigh.


I love my Flyer SO MUCH that I contacted Bumbleride to see if they’d be interested in giving away one of these awesome strollers on my blog. I am thrilled to tell you they said YES!

You too can now have a chance at owning my family’s favorite stroller the Bumbleride Flyer, what I like to call the attachment parent’s stroller. When you can’t babywear, this is the way to go. Stroll and stay connected with your little one.

What you could win.

A 2011 Bumbleride Stroller in Seagrass (Retail Value $359) with standard accessories including rain shield, cup holder and infant car seat adapter. To get the full specs, visit Bumbleride’s Web site.

How to win?!

You have several chances to enter by 11:59pm PT on Thursday, May 19th. (U.S. & Canadian Residents Only)

I will randomly select a winner with the WordPress Plug-in “And The Winner Is” and will announce on the blog Friday, May 20.


Just leave a comment here on the blog and you’re entered. That’s it!


(Please leave separate comments for each optional entry you complete, in order to receive that entry.)

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Good luck!!

Disclaimer: I have not been paid, nor have I received any free Bumbleride product to review. The above opinions are based on the past two years of experience owning my own Bumbleride Flyer stroller. Bumbleride is providing one free stroller to the winner. The opinions here are without a doubt my own.


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